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Meet the Team


Team Captain, Builder, Drive Team Gunner


Wade is a devoted member of our FIRST FTC robotics team, whose passion for robotics was ignited in 6th grade when he joined the middle school FLL team. As a captain, he has taken on various roles and actively contributes to all aspects of the team, from programming and building to fundraising and outreach. Wade's commitment, despite the challenges of a demanding school schedule, has inspired the team, and they aim to reach the World Championship with his leadership.

Screen Shot 2023-04-12 at
Screen Shot 2023-04-12 at


Co-Captain, Outreach lead, Builder


Quinn Co-captains, does outreach, and CADs for the team. He discovered FTC through a friend, and has since been involved in the competition and 6567 for 2 years. His favorite aspect of the team is the satisfaction of building a functional robot and watching it compete in competition.


Builder, lead Design, Filmmaker

Addisu, whose role is what some would call flexible. With his first two years of FTC being a dedicated Programmer later switching to being hardware focused in the coming year.  His favorite part of robotics is the skills he gains from doing it.

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Builder, Cad


Andy joined the RoboRaiders in his sophomore year due to a long interest in engineering. He joined the build team during the later stages of the building process, and hopes to continue to help more next year in other roles such as design. He wishes to use the knowledge he's gained later in a possible career in mechanical engineering.



Elliette joined the Roboraiders in her sophomore year. She was introduced by a friend and quickly became fascinated with the work ethic and community of the team. Over this year she has been learning a variety of different skills and has helped out wherever she is needed on the team. She hopes that the technical skills she gains from the team can help her in her possible future engineering career.

Screen Shot 2023-04-12 at
Screen Shot 2023-04-12 at


Lead programmer 

Giacomo joined the RoboRaiders team as a freshmen because he wanted to use his programming for a more meaningful project. Now, as a sophomore, he is the program lead of the team. Giacomo is excited to continue to expand his knowledge of programming and help build even better robots for 6567.


Builder, Fundraiser

Treasurer, fundraiser, and builder. I joined robotics in order to pick up the skills required to become an engineer (also my friend made me join). I look forward to using the metal fabrication and welding skills I learned this year to make next season’s robot a top performer.

Screen Shot 2023-04-12 at 7.43.09 AM.png



Liam decided to join the team because of an acquaintance, and has been programming for 2 years. He looks forward to learning about data collection and organisation this year, and helping to improve the team's robots.


Cad, Fundraiser 

Kaitlin joined the roboraiders in her sophmore year of high school. She joined in order to learn skills to help her in her future stem career. She helps the team through outreach, being apart of the build team, and helping with fundraising and finding grants.




Alani joined robotics in her sophomore year of high school and began by working on the journal. She enjoys getting to be part of a team and learning about all of the things that go into building and programming the robots. She hopes to learn these skills for her possible career in science in college.

Coaches and mentors

belfast blurry green.jpg

Ben Hoen 


I’m a mentor who guides the team members in the areas of building, organizing, fundraising and outreach. But mostly I’m just a cheerleader who also volunteers as a ref for most FTC events. I’m a Research Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and have been involved in FIRST for 6 years.

Dwane decker

coach and build mentor

Mr. Decker has been involved in FIRST for 10 years. He is an Earth Science and Biology teacher at Red Hook High School

Mr. Decker.png

Steeeve Kocik 

programming mentor

Involved with mentoring FIRST for over a decade. He is a Senior Software Engineer for IBM in z/OS I/O Supervisor. He has been a head referee and judge at several Hudson Valley and Excelsior tournaments as well as a several tournaments outside of the Excelsior region, including Texas and the Maryland Tech Invitational.

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